the minimal bouquet


Need something fast, easy, and inexpensive yet looks beautiful? Or a nice spring bouquet for Easter brunch? This may be the project that fits your needs. I have two different options for you. ..

option one
Find your local floral shop or grocery store that has great flowers (I tend to like Trader Joe’s; they seem to have everything you need). I got these Calla Lilies at Sequoia Floral for $10.50. Then I bought this simple vase again at Sequoia Floral for $2.95 along with the Jute Ribbon (40x10yds) for $8.49. On the way home, I ran by Beverly’s Fabrics and picked up the Round Pearl Pins (10 for $0.99). Now, you have all of your supplies and you’re ready to start. First take the Jute Ribbon and wrap it around you bouquet about 2-3 times making sure it’s tight. Then push your pins in about one every 1/2 centimeter. My pins were longer than the diameter of the bouquet, so I had to use wire cutters to cut off the sharp ends sticking out the back (FYI: make sure you do this in a place where you can easily find the sharp ends that you cut off. Mine went flying everywhere and took crawling on my hands and knees to find them!) Once your pins are in, cut the ends of the flowers so they last longer and place in your simple vase. Then there you have your beautiful bouquet!

option two:
Follow all of the directions in options one except place the bouquet in a mason jar (I got mine at Beverly’s Fabrics for $1.49) and sprinkle some dried lavender in the water before adding the bouquet. You usually can find the dried lavender at any flower supply shop or online. I got mine at Sequoia Floral for ½ lb for $7.95. You can also try Lavender Bee Farm.

– calla lilies or your desired flower
– jute ribbon (you usually can get at any fabric store. I got mine at Sequoia Floral)
– vase or mason jar (you can get at any fabric/flower supply store or just use on that you have sitting around. Both of these options were really inexpensive. I got the vase at Sequoia Floral for $2.95 and the Mason Jar at Beverly’s Fabrics for $1.49)
– round pearl pins (you can get at most fabric shops in the wedding/bridal section. I found mine at Beverly’s Fabrics for 10 for $0.99)
– dried lavender – optional (I found mine again at Sequoia Floral. You can usually find this at your local floral supply store or online. You might try Lavender Bee Farm.