fresh flower pencils


pen-flowers2 pen-flowers3

Planning an elegant party, shower, wedding, or special night with a great group of friends? Yes, we’ve all seen the fake, yet cute, flower pens. Why not freshen-up the idea? Although these pens will only last a day without water, they’ll be something that your guest will find unique, simple, and something that they’ll never forget.  They’re perfect for a wedding guestbook (I would use something more permanent than a pencil), or at a wedding/baby shower for writing utensils during the games, or at a simple party where you want to add a special little touch.  Whatever you use it for, make it simple, beautiful and most of all, your own.


Simply cut your desired flower to ½ or ¾ the length of your pen/pencil. Then cut a generous amount of your ribbon/ribbons that you’d like to wrap around the writing device (I used a green and white thin ribbon on some flowers, and a thin white and paper raffia on the others). Next, simply tie the ribbons in a tight knot and wrap one side after the other into a tight wrap, followed by a knot or bow to finish off. From here, place into your favorite vase, penholder, or decorative piece (I used a simple vase filled with dried lavender to hold the pencils/pens in place). Now you’ve successfully created a simple, elegant, and beautiful arrangement with functional writing utensils.


flowers (I found mine at my local flower supply store. I’d recommend Trader Joe’sor your local florist as well).

ribbon (you can find at any craft supply store. I got mine at Michaels)

simple vase or mason jar (I would suggest the simpler the better. My vase I got at my local flower supply store for $4.95 but you could also use a mason jar for under $2.00)

filler for the vase (I used dried lavender which I found for $5.95 for 1lb at my localflower supply store. You can also use rocks, pennys, bolts, corks, or whatever matches the theme of the party/event.)